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Welcome to our self-help centre.  Here you will find both local health information and NHS content and a selection of tools for health checks.


Please find link to Bedwyn Health Walks - this is run weekly under the Wiltshire Council "Get Wiltshire Walking" scheme.  The group meet in Great Bedwyn Village Hall carpark 10.30am every Monday.


Fitness & Friendship Club Marlborough

Wiltshire Children's Centre

Please click to see the attached details for Wiltshire Children's Centre online evening Being a Parent course which starts on Wednesday 5th July for 9 weeks.

This is a fantastic course which provides practical ideas and support for parents with children aged 2-11 years. Small changes can make a big difference to family life.

Being a Parent

Please click on the below link for all Wiltshire Children's Centre September-December dates/courses:

Course Timetable

Wiltshire KiT Newsletter Summer2 2023

Five to Thrive

Five to Thrive

Practical Sessions sharing ideas to develop the positive connection between you and your child.

Thursday 2nd to Thursday 30th November 2023  - Marlborough Library


For more information or to book a space call 0800 970 4669 or visit

Baby Safer Sleep Advice

Learning from local and national case reviews have identified the vulnerability of children under 1, including the risk to them when safe sleeping advice is not followed. This can be a particular issue when away from home where safer sleep routines parents may have adopted can be disrupted.  Local and national case reviews have identified an increased risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) when parents are out of routine in their sleeping arrangements, e.g., holidays, child staying with other relatives/friends. 

Safe sleeping advice and guidance is routinely given to parents by midwives and health visitors.  However, we encourage Parents and Guardians to take any opportunity to review safe sleep messages: 

Routine is important in reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS); therefore it is advised that parents keep the same sleeping routine even when they are away from home: for more information download Safer Sleep Away From Home.

Living Well With Diabetes

Living Well With Diabetes

Alzheimer's Society Carers Information and Support Programmes Swindon and Wiltshire

This course is run virtually on Zoom.
Carers Information and Support programme 1 courses start dates and times:
• Monday 08th January 2024 10:00
Carers information and Support Programme 2 course start date and time:
Tuesday 23rd January 2024 10:00
More information about the programmes: Carers Information and Support Programme 1:
Session 1: meet the facilitator and other participants, Zoom basic tutorial, overview of the Programme, discuss group
agreement (30mins 1 Hour)
Session 2: Understanding dementia (2 hours)
Session 3: Providing support and care (2 Hours)
Session 4: Legal and money matters (2 Hours)
Session 5: Coping day to day and next steps (2 Hours)
Session 6: Q&A’s and Questionnaire (1 Hour)
Carers Information and Support Programme 2:
Session 1: Understanding how dementia progresses (2 Hours)
Session 2: Living with change as dementia progresses (2 Hours)
Session 3: Living well as dementia progresses, including occupation and
activities. (2 Hours)
Session 4: Q&A’s and Questionnaire (1 Hour)
To find out more, contact us on:
Alzheimer’s Society Carers Information and Support Programmes Swindon and Wiltshire

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